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gold coins RARE PROOF GOLD

$10 Proof 66 Liberty Gold Coin

gold coins1903 $10 PROOF 66

1855 Kellogg Re-Strike Liberty Coin
gold coins 1855 Kellogg Re-strikes

1878 Proof 66 Morgan
gold coins 1878 Proof 66 Morgan

1861 10 cent Proof 66
gold coins 1861 10 cent Proof 66

What Are Proof American Coins

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Proof American Eagle Gold CoinsProof American coins are much different from bullion coins because they are intended to be collected. Some are made for special occasions and others for numismatic purposes, but they are not specifically made to circulate as money. 

The U.S. Mint pays special attention in the entire minting process of proof coins. To achieve the most desired look they treat the blanks or planchets, which are round metal disks that are ready to be struck as a coin, so that they are free from any blemishes. They are also hand polished and cleaned several times, passed through a chemical bath, polished dies, then dried by forced hot air. Proof Silver Eagle Coins

Proofs are also struck twice to ensure a high relief perfect strike, ensuring a superior finish. Sometimes you will see the descriptive designations of "CAM" or "DCAM" with certain proofs in addition to their official graded designation. CAM stands for cameo while DCAM stands for deep cameo- which is the most attractive of all.

American Proof Gold CoinsAmerican Silver Eagle Proof Coin Set
Proofs are also made at low quantities which makes them much more desirable to own. With a coin that appears much more reflective, with finer and more brilliant details, and a lower mintage, they are a collector’s dream. To top it off they also come in a blue velvet jeweled type box and a Certificate of Authenticity (COA). Certified Proof Coins come in acrylic slabs and wooden display boxes can also be purchased to hold several proof slabs to be displayed and adorned.

American Eagle Proof 69 Silver Ultra CameoAmerican Eagle Gold Proof 70 Ultra Cameo

American Buffalo Gold Proof 70 Ultra CameoU.S. 225th Anniversary Gold $100 Proof 70 Ultra Cameo